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Jaxville's Custom Series Guitars offer a stunning range of designs for that ultimate Rock look.

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The Jaxville Custom Series II range of guitars represents an evolution in guitar designs.

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With attitude and style by the bucket load the Pink Punk is a kick-ass guitar for the discerning rock chick.

Custom guitars touched by greatness

Official website of Jaxville® Guitars... Home to the Custom Series Guitar range, Special Editions and Pink Punk. Here at Jaxville we pride our selves on offering you something different, original and unique; All our guitars are custom made, meaning you won't find the exact same guitar anywhere else.

We regularly commission artists to design and paint new themed guitars, to improve and increase our already varied range, the highly sought after airbrushed effect is achieved on a number of our custom guitars; where as the more unusual shapes associated with Heavy metal are covered in our Classic Rock Collection, including favourites such as the Axe and Warlock style guitars along with two variations on the Flying V design.

The Special Editions are in a league of their own with premium figured maple tops and high spec hardware such as EMG pickups and Grover Machine heads, making them a truly deluxe choice. Not forgetting the girl rockers out there we have our Pink Punk, an eye catching, garish pink guitar with distinctive graffiti design.

We are currently launching a range of Custom Design Bass Guitars too, starting with our Demon Bass, putting a dark gothic spin on the usually conventional choices you get with bass guitars.

So, whether you're Metal is Thrash, Death or just plain Heavy, or maybe you simply want your guitar to look as good as it sounds, you'll find Jaxville the perfect axe for your battle.